I understand how your story represents your view of the situation.
Rick Fischer

At least you both agree on the rocks.

I found the original article relatively restrained and free of Medium’s typical ideological histrionics. I appreciate how much more effective that is than merely ranting and name calling.

While I think you are both right in many ways, I also think striving to be right can occasionally be wrong – at least for a time.

Here is an example. Sometimes when my son gets hurt, he just wants me to listen to him. Little of it makes sense. Because he first needs to release. His pain and frustration simply resist his reason … for a time.

If I let him be, we can quickly move on to what happened, what we need to do now to fix things and what we can do in the future to prevent things. But if I push too early, if I’m too anxious to be right (whether I actually am right is another matter), the whole process drags or gets derailed completely and everyone ends up miserable.

This is obviously an imperfect analogy. But my point is sometimes being right can be wrong … for a time. People’s perceptions are often at least as important as reality, and reality is often made up of many stories that are simultaneously true and contradictory.

Even though I don’t always agree, I still often appreciate what each of you write.

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