Why Most People Who Believe They’re Capitalists Are the Opposite of Capitalists
umair haque

I too have read your work off and on for years. I remember many quality hours spent reading “bubblegeneration” at my last corporate job.

I find that I disagree with very few of your critiques of capitalism. However I wonder if this could be a case of “capitalism is the worst… except for all the others.” You see, without exploring counter factuals and at least some of “the others” it is hard to know what these criticisms really mean because they have no context beyond the reader’s preconceived ideas.

Could it be that you are in fact entirely correct, but that you are also incomplete? Could it be that you are trapped in Chimamanda Adichie’e’s “one story” fallacy? To some your arguments sound like self evident truths. To others (like your old fan) you might sound like a freshly awakened Manchurian Candidate for Soviet communism.

It might be helpful, for both your argument and your readers, for you to acknowledge some of the stories beyond your one story, so we can see where capitalism does get a few things right, where it’s alternatives do falter. This way we can start to see a way forward rather than just nod our heads in agreement with your “one story” or shake our heads in disagreement holding fast to our alternate “one stories” – both of which can be simultaneously correct and contradictory.

Just a thought.