You’ll always be an “impostor”. Stop worrying about it.

I’ve been struggling with a serious bout of impostor-syndrome lately. Which is particularly novel for me: I’ve always been so confident, and positive and absolutely certain that my passion and desire to work hard would allow me to “be good” at anything I wanted.

Thankfully, there are a lot of wise and inspiring peers out there, in particular Jon Westenberg and poornima here on Medium, to name a few, that reminded me something very basic:

I’m good at certain things, excellent at others, and just new at everything else.

A simple re-framing. I am not bad at anything. I am just new. I just need to learn. Should I want to.

And I always learn. I can always find someone I feel is better than me. There are 7.5 billion people on earth. It is statistically near impossible that not one of them is not better than me.

So worrying that I am not good enough is pointless. Arguably, I never will be the best. So I might as well accept who I am, right now, warts and all, and keep learning and improving and striving to do better, be better.

Thank you everyone who keeps reminding me these things everyday. I am grateful.