Your body is a gold mine

Your body is a gold mine worth thousands of dollars. If your lovely corpse ends up on the black market, someone is going to be very rich, depending on how the remains are used. The sad fact of the matter is that you are probably worth more dead than you are worth alive, at least when it comes to body parts. If our bodies are worth that much after we’re gone, can we cash in a few of those chips while there’s still bills to pay? Here’s how..

Hair — She was called Goldie Locks for a reason, folks. You get paid depending on color, thickness, length, ethnicity, and purity etc.

Blood — This is one of the oldest, easiest and probably most-practiced ways to pimp your bod.

Plasma — Plasma isn’t actually blood, and the procedure is slightly different than donating blood and a bit more painful. The good news? You can get paid for this.

Platelets — Again, you can sell often. Compensation depends on your weight and how frequently you do.

Breast Milk — If you are producing insane amounts of breast milk, you shouldn’t let that precious leche go to waste. Put those mammaries to work. Get paid!

Bone Marrow — It’s quite hard to find a genetic match for your marrow but if you can get through all the hurdles, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Sperm — Selling your precious seed can net you up to a $1000 a month. If you meet the rigorous requirements, an individual sperm, on average is worth about 0.00000033 cents each, but don’t worry, we produce anywhere from 40–600 million sperm per session.

Female Eggs — Women are born with only a certain number off eggs and unlike guys, women don’t produce more, so once they are gone they’re gone. But if kids aren’t really your bag, and you want to give someone else the gift of motherhood, egg donors are generously rewarded with as much as $5,000 to $10,000.

Surrogacy — Ladies, you can rent out your womb for a pretty hefty fee if your baby hotel fits the requirements.

Medical/Clinical Trials — Provided you qualify, you can practically make a living being a human guinea pig. New drugs are being developed by pharmaceutical companies all the time and they need human lab rats to test on.

Sell Your Urine — Pee is gold color for a reason. Turns out, there is a market for clean, untainted urine samples. With all the doping regulations now placed on athletes and scores of people addicted to drugs and alcohol, there is a high demand for pure urine to help these desperate folks ace their drug tests.

Organs — Kidneys, lungs, eyes, skin, you can even make do with half your liver, but it’s not a good idea and you’ll probably end up dead.

Be a lookalike — Earn just for attending corporate events, parties or launches, pretending to be a celeb. The celebs needed by lookalike agencies keep changing, so there are always new possibilities.

Earn cash by winking — Yes, seriously. Yes, it’s just a PR stunt, but they’re prepared to pay.

Hand modeling — This quirky alternative to catwalk and glamour modeling doesn’t require you to be stick thin. In fact, it doesn’t matter what your face and body look like — because they’ll never be on show. It’s all about the hands.

Rent Space on your Body — Literally. If you’re really not easily embarrassed, rent out other parts of your body for advertising space. It sounds totally ridiculous but certain ad agencies pay you money if you are willing to give them some skin to place an ad on.

Thigh-vertise — This is placing adverts on girl’s thighs — thigh-vertising. If you don’t mind people leering up your legs, then this could be the job for you. Wear temporary tattoo-like stickers on your thigh. Get paid!

Be a Life Model — As a life model you can make a decent amount of money by just sitting still for a few hours.

Rent Your Friendship — Make yourself available to someone who is lonely and just wants to hang out. Charge them.

Charge for Your Cuddles — Become a professional cuddler. Yes, that’s right.

N.B. Do not take this post as an endorsement. Each of the above money-making tactics carry varying degrees of risk, and the legalities around each have some grey areas. Do your own research first before committing to anything. This is more or less a Re-blog. For Original Inspiration and credit —

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