I love a good 100-day writing series. In fact, I’m in the 1/4 of a daily writing series at the moment, documenting my design learning and career transition into UX.

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Two grey pencils atop a deep yellow background
Two grey pencils atop a deep yellow background
Image by Joanna Kosinska

The Results

I spent 100 days writing every day. It was transformative.

In 100 days I went from being a person who’d never been able to commit to a project to the exact opposite — disciplined and committed. It’s hard to communicate the subtle power in a change in identity. It spilled into all parts of my life.

Writing for 100 days didn’t change my life, fix my problems, cook my meals and buy me a house. It did, however, change the way I thought and felt about myself. …

Image for post
Image for post
№. 182 by Daily Minimal

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Noah who?
Noah a place we can grab something to eat?

This was a message sent to my friend by a girl trying to ask him out on a date.

We laughed a lot when we read it. I hope you do too.

When life becomes overly intense I’ve found laughing is like drinking a cup of tea. I’m calling it practiced silliness. The more you laugh and spend time feeling good the more your body learns how to feel good. It’s chemistry. Biology. And habit.

How have you been? I’ve missed you. I always miss you. …


Nibras I

100 words. 100 days. A daily project full of advice to self. Now writing on www.nibrasi.co.uk and https://reading.supply/@nibras

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