Newbie Thoughts!

Months have gone by since i’ve been serious about medium articles.Quality Writing was the only thing i was looking for and medium was the place.It felt good to try out the android app and suddenly the articles i read per day just skyrocketed from 2 to 12–14.And it really felt like i got back my good old habit.

It has become a new thought-place for me.A place to feel the vibe of the world in a its pure sense.Articles just trigger good engaging thought-flow and most of them leave a mark in my mind.A place to feel refreshed.

The old black-background medium logo felt good for me,and the new-born logo was okay (and still is),but seriously in the all white material design launchers i have to look out on alphabetic order basis for medium.Seriously they just put a scaled down medium logo in a whitish background? The logo itself has an identity and i don’t feel it needs a extra white background to complete that.

Eyes are looking out for app icons and usually for the quick look up we (at least me) just ignore everything smaller than the usual app icon size.In this aspect i feel the old logo did excellent (Seriously,Blackboard content stands out)!

I hope medium will add 2 features and it feels like the need of the hour for a avid medium enthusiast.

  1. Simple toggle switch to switch into dark reading mode,the lights off night reading needs that badly.
  2. An offline reading toggle.While pushing notifications for new articles,just save it for offline reading.Its a great thing to have somthing to spend your time on special things while you are off from everything(even the Web)!

Pocket just helped me with the above needs and that made me read 2 paragraphs of stories on medium and then saving it onto pocket for later reading.Its somewhat a bit discomfort switching between apps and finding only medium articles on my read-list.

I think adding these 2 extra perks would make ‘The Medium Experience’ more fluid and more comfort comes the way!

Writing on medium had an objective to try out the editor.And the minimal and fluid editor just felt Awesome.

Medium just feels to evolve in its essence for the greater good.
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