Project 2: AIC Store Redesign

This was my second project for UXDI and it involved making a clickable prorotype. I did this using Illustrator and Invision. This project incorporated aspects of business analysis, user flow, site mapping, wireframing, and user testing.

The Mission

In two weeks time I needed to take the skills presented and create a better user experience in an e-commerce setting.

The Client

For this project we had options of who we wanted our client to be from a list of Chicago museums. I decided that my client would be the Art Institute of Chicago.


The research for this project consisted of some field observations at their on site store as well as some interviews. The interviews gave me varying answers that seemed to focus on a few areas

Through my affinity mapping I came to the conclusion that people aren’t seeing the items they would like to be seeing on the website. That brought me to my main insight for this project

The shopping experience isn’t relevant to the user

I needed to address this in the design somehow. Part of the issue I found was that the finding items in the site wasn’t entirely intuitive to the users. I wanted to see how I could help this situation so I used card sorting.

Card sorting is when you take a sampling of item and put them on cards. You then give users these cards and ask to arrange them into groups. You can use already made groups or ask them to make their own. I allowed them to sort them into their own categories. Through this it allowed for a new way to arrange the items on the site.


Once I had my categories I wanted to make a design that would be fairly simple to get through for the user. I wanted to cut down on a lot of the extra pages so I made a site map of what the site needed in my design

With this my main goal became reworking the products page. I wanted to have a focus on the visual aspect of the items as this was for the art institute. From this point I made some basic sketches that I thought might achieve this.

These sketches brought me to me final design choices where I took a particular focus on the products and exhibit pages.

I used the new categories from the card sorting in the design. I made sure to focus on the visual aspect for each category. I also wanted to showcase the popular items for each of these categories. Through these categories You could see items sorted in a way that would make more sense to the user.

I also wanted to make it so the user could more easily locate items by the exhibit.

The exhibit page as of now only focuses on temporary exhibits in the museum. I made sure that the exhibit page would give some info and also link to products that were relevant to that exhibit.

Future Iterations

I think the sorting of the items in to new categories was helpful but it would benefit the user to be able to further filter the search in some way once in the category.

I also think the exhibit feature should be expanded to all exhibits in the museum. Not only that but be able to find past exhibits that are no longer being hosted at the museum.

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