How to achieve buy in for a design system

Nic N.
3 min readFeb 21, 2023

Hello there! If you stumbled across this article I am guessing you are considering using a design system, but first you need to achieve buy in from your team or stakeholders.

If there is one thing stakeholders appreciate it is numbers / KPI’s. So I ran with my anecdotal philosophy and attempted to quantify the results of consistency with the help of real world quotes.

Note: This approach worked in this case but I would suggest to tailor your research/quotes to important KPI’s or goals your company has.

First, I wanted to set the context with 3 slides. (Slide 1)

Slide 1

Once the context was set I introduced what we would use to create consistency; a design system. Below I tried to highlight the main points of a design system based on research and findings of other teams and companies that currently use a design system. (Slide 2)

Slide 2

In addition to efficiency, another benefit of a design system is being able to scale faster. To really drive this point across I thought of real world examples of scaling. The most obvious one to me was a foundation of a house or building. If your foundation is not sturdy or not consistent, then the rest of the house or building could be at risk. (Slide 3)

Slide 3

Once I set the context with the first three slides I circled back to the importance of consistency in design & UX. I led this with a quote I found about first impressions as it directly relates to any experience whether its on the web or in person.

Slide 4

A focus for that quarter was returning users, so I picked out some quotes that related to returning users perceptions based on the aesthetic and their experience.

Slide 5

In addition to a focus on consistency I wanted to also reinforce the experience and speed aspect so I finished off with some more quotes. I also included one about sense of humor as it relates to voice & tone. (Slide 6)

Slide 6

I was given about a day to add some research as to why we should use a design system, so I chose quotes and quotes with numbers as I find them the most helpful when trying to persuade a decision.

These slides were part of our quarterly team meeting, which consisted of a bunch of slides from each team member so I tried to keep it brief while also driving home the important points.

I hope this helps give you some momentum to be a champion for consistency and thank you for taking the time to read :)

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