Why Groestlcoin instead of Litecoin?

I rencently talked about crypto adoption for small businesses in Montreal where the whole concept is to have more merchant involve and trying cryptocurrencies. Of course I could have started with Bitcoin or Litecoin as they are more popular but I felt there was a better option for that kind of day to day transactions. I decided to introduce Groestlcoin or if you prefer «GRS» to local merchants around my neighborhood of Hochelaga.

Now the question is why GRS? The answer is because it has everything to perform in the real world. Groestlcoin has instant transaction with micro-fees (1cent or less) and a 1 minute block time confirmation (excellent security/speed ratio). That makes it 10x faster then Bitcoin and 2,5x faster then Litecoin which is very good for merchant when it comes to validate the payments and long enough to be safe and secure. It has wallet for every platform (Mac, Window, Linux, Blackberry, Android and iOS) with user-friendly interface and protected transaction which mean you can only send GRS to GRS address unlike BTC to Bcash address resulting in lost fund. Another great feature that influenced my decision is privacy. Do you imagine paying at the restaurant and the waiter can see your bank account balance on his screen? Hell no! With Groestlcoin Samourai wallet you can add privacy layer to your transaction and hide your sending address. For all what I mentionned previously Groestlcoin is perfectly in line with the vision of my adoption project.

More technically Groestlcoin is a pure PoW coin ASIC resistant with GPU mining launched in March 2014. Active developers dedicated for the long term brings growth and stability to the project. Among their achievements they have been the first to activate SEGWIT and the first to perform a Lightning Network transaction on mainnet. But there is a lot more impressing about this coin when you dig a little deeper. You’ll notice they have more Electrum server then Bitcoin (GRS 124 vs BTC 111) and they performed Atomic Swaps with Komodo earlier this year. The roadmap is very promising for 2018; RSK integration for smart contract, Trezor/Ledger integration and Lightning Network public release to only name a few. The community is growing fast and adoption is a priority which is valuable when you look at the long term perspective.

Just a little reminder for everyone; You’re free to contribute and build the future you want. Its all about empowering the people and taking back the control of our economy. One step at a time we will see adoption and real world use of tech focus project like Groestlcoin.

-Nic Cafe

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*This text is NOT investment advice. As always you must do your own research and remember crypto can be a risky investment.