Collaboration has been Key to my Improvement

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ African Proverb

I am currently part of Andela boot camp cycle 33. As a norm to Andela Community, Collaboration is a key to being an Andelan. During the pre-boot camp and boot camp, we were grouped into teams. In this article, am going to talk about interesting attributes about my teammates and LFA.

First, About Me

This is my first time at Andela boot camp. As to every first timer, I was scared of the whole process and never knew what to expect. I am three months old in learning python programming. This was knocking in my mind, during the boot camp, python programming is used. Two weeks ago on pre-boot camp, I had to understand a tense learning environment on what will be required in the boot camp. It’s not that easy for a beginner, but I had a strong team behind me. They supported me in amazing ways

I could mention all my teammates but I will just mention a few.

Daniel Kamar

Goes by @Kamaster in Slack. Dan is a cool composed guy, who doesn’t jump into a conclusion on what he doesn’t know. He never gives up either. I remember a time we were doing Python OOP. The facilitator had moved so fast and when it was time to practice, we got some blockers. Dan and I tried several times on the practice until we made it up, he was a big contributor here. He taught good concepts on OOP. He is a team player, and of course, he was our team leader(team blakops). He had been to the boot camp, hence he was familiar with the process. He encouraged me a lot.

Martin Muthigani

My teammate on blakops team. He likes helping a lot and doesn’t like to see you stuck on a problem. He has several techniques for solving a problem. He never gives up easily. He even likes answering questions according to his thinking during the facilitation. Martin is a big team player.

Martin was of much help when I had a blocker in challenge 2. My builds in Travis were all failing in Travis and I wasn’t familiar with Heroku hosting. I called him and he requested to view my repo, upon which he noted a problem and gave me quick solutions.

Charity Marani

I just got into one team with Charity(team eagle-craft) in the boot camp. She’s an aggressive person and always seems to know what she is doing with her programming skills. She’s a team player and very active on slack to unblock anyone with a blocker.

During my challenge 2, my tests failed due to adding authentication functionality. I didn’t know how to solve it, even after asking a lot of people. She explained to me how authentication works and what I was supposed to do to overcome the blocker.

Abraham Ogol

Abraham was our LF in the pre-Bootcamp workshop. The knowledge he has is wide, an intelligent guy, and he is a good speaker to teach anybody. Actually, he gave me a good platform to pick python very quickly. He likes motivating people and never loses hope to do so. He is a lover of Christ and always ready to help anyone even in the extent of technical skills. He taught me that programming isn’t about writing codes alone. He knows how to handle all types of people in the boot camp.

Bonifase Orwa

Bonifase is my LFA with six others in week 1 Bootcamp. He likes timekeeping and keeps his promises on what to do and expect. He is a very helpful person whenever you ask/request something. He keeps timely feedback in ASK format.