A wrap up of this weekends things to see and do in Perth, W.A.

With exams over for everyone, this weekend is the perfect time to have all the dun you’ve been denying yourself for the past weeks/months/years. Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomes back SUPANOVA, one of Australia’s largest pop culture expo’s, for a weekend filled with all the encouragement you could ever need to release your inner geek. Featuring cosplay, celebrities (“supa stars”) from the gaming and entertainment communities carrying huge amounts of merch. and creating fantastic panels, this event is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Info and tickets here.

If you think “supper club” sounds like something only senior citizens can be involved in, then think again. Perth town hall will host 3 winter warmer supper clubs, with loads of street food, a licensed bar area and music from local artists. The first of these is on this Friday night, so grab a coat, and enjoy a cocktail and hot dinner whilst relaxing in the chilled vibe of this fantastic event.

If you think you can eat fast, then this Sunday is your chance to prove it. Perth eating challenges presents the “MEGADOG challenge” at “Top Dog in Town” located in the Wanneroo markets. For the uninitiated or disbelieving, a “MEGADOG” is a 24 inch long sausage available in 5 flavours, and 3 meat varieties. Each “MEGADOG” weighs a total of just over 1,5kg with condiments, prepare yourself, and remember the fastest time to finish this beast wins a cheerful $200 cash prize, alongside the true honour of having the challenge renamed after them. For info and bookings check here.

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in an archery attack and live out your Robin Hood dream, then this weekend, the good folk at Courtside Multisports will let you do just that. Each participant is supplied with a bow, face mask and rubber tipped arrows, and the time honours battle cry of “LETS GET ‘EM!!!” will ring out as participants launch into an action packed cross between archery, paintball and dodge ball. To purchase tickets click here.

Eating recommendation: Chicho Gelato — Northbridge

If the idea of fresh made, creamy artisan gelato isn’t enough to get you out of the door and into this eatery, then perhaps the idea of a tap that pours out pure melted chocolate will. Chicho gelateria is still relatively new to the Perth food scene, but it has already had a huge impact, and after one scoop of any of the stunning flavours you can tell why. The gelato is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, keeping the creamy texture we all desire from our gelati, but offering a large range of new and exciting flavours. Alongside perfected staples such as salted caramel (light and edible in enourmous quantities), the store offers flavours such as lavender/honeycomb or rose/pistachio, so you’ll never want for anything more.

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