Holberton School

My passion for computers and electronics did not start when I was a child or at 13 years old, like for everybody else who’s aim is to attend the Holberton School. Of course I used to love video games but I did not really wanted to investigate much more in that world. I was a normal italian kid, without any real talent or passion for programming and computer staff in general, my only thought was soccer.

Only when I was 17 years old, so 3 years ago, I started feeling the need of learning programming, this happened because I wanted to bring my trading career (I invest in the Forex and Index market, and somentimes in the Stock market) to a higher level: I wanted to build EAs (trading robots) and I was willing to do everything I could in order to reach that goal. Moreover during that period of my life I started a project with two friends of mine, we had an idea for an app, a social network only for events (in Italy we don t have, beside Facebook, an app that deals with private and public events), and we started building our project: we made a business plan and a mock up (that a software developer made for us). But in 2 years we didn t find an investor that wanted to put some funds in our startup. For this reason I decided that I was going to build the app all by myself, without hiring any developer, in order to launch our startup even without a business angel or a ventur capitalist. To do so I had to self-learn programming and at the beginning it was tough but after 1 or 2 weeks of perseverance (the key for success, in my opinion) I started to enjoy it at the point that I did it almost for fun not just because I had to.

Now I still don t have the knowledge to code the app and neither to program an EA but I understood that knowing how to program well is the principal tool that you must have, if your aim, as mine, is to change the world. I honestly believe that if your programming skills are great you have somenthing like a magic wand, you can create whatever passes through your mind.

I want to attend the Holberton School, because I believe it to be the very best path for me to take in order to become the software developer, that I want to be. In the past, I tried the traditional college route but it did not work out at all. I feel that what the Holberton School offers is an environment in which I can cultivate my passion. Hands on, project-based learning, has always proven to be the best method for me. I have no doubt that the Holberton School will present me the opportunity to gain the knowledge I need to succeed in this field, and prepare me to work as a world changer.

Niccolò Simoni

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