NICC headed by Akash Rose offers dual qualification courses

The days are changing very quickly. The methods of imparting education are also undergoing a tremendous change. You see a shift from the normal oral communications to the visual communications. What exactly is visual communication? If you go by the strict definition, visual communication is any communication done with the use of visual aids. These visual aids can include diagrams as well as graphic designs. It can also include 3D models or the Power Point Presentations. Many colleges and schools have also started depending more on visual communications. Hence, you find specific courses teaching visual communications to students. One such college is NICC International College of Design headed by Dr. Akash Kumar Rose.

One of the best colleges to offer these courses in the country, this college emphasizes on the dual qualification programs. These dual programs are the need of the hour. This is because of the nature of demand in the market. You have these courses offering diplomas in various kinds of designing technology. This includes interior designing, retail designing, industrial designing, interactive designing, and a host of other such programs. They offer these additional qualifications to the normal Bachelors and Masters programs in visual communications.

There are various advantages of doing these courses. The main advantage is the universal acceptance of the courses in the international market. Everyone knows that the educational system in India is not up to the international standards. Hence, a simple bachelor’s or Master’s degree in India is not going to have any demand in the international arena. You need an additional diploma to go along with the usual degrees in visual communications. These courses in design technologies have great demand internationally. The twinning programs are available for the undergraduate degree sections whereas the combination programs are paired with the Master’s programs.

A majority of students like Krupa Prajapati opt for the combination programs that allow them to pursue designing courses like the International diploma in retail designing along with their MBA or MA in visual communications. No other university offers such an excellent combination. You get an additional qualification in the same time you get one. This can help you hold your head high in the international job market. At the same time, you can end up with high paying jobs in India as well. These courses have the capacity to define careers in an excellent manner.

In addition, you have great courses that can teach you the nuances of photography and cinematography. You have a great advantage in the fact that you will be learning these courses directly from the master himself. Akash Rose is an acknowledged expert in this field. Canon India has recognized this fact. Hence, they have authorized this college to impart these photography courses. Very few institutions offer these courses in India. Moreover, you will not have the benefit of studying this subject under the able tutelage of Akash Rose. Photography is an art but Rose considers this as a science as well. This is the beauty of the subject.