Explaining the Mission

The mission, creating huge positive social impact through serial entrepreneurship and motivating others to follow their dreams too…simple, right?

Explaining the vision while still trying to figure it out has been somewhat frustrating to say the least. I don’t think it’s hard to understand conceptually what I’m saying, I’m actually not the first and hopefully won’t be the last to want to build what I’m planning. We have so many individuals, companies, and organizations who are already doing these things! My issue is we are separately trying to fix our worlds problems. How come we can’t come together to make sure everyone gets what they need?

Let’s say you need dog food, a surge protector, and some socks, where would you go? You could go to a store like Target or maybe Costco if you need those items in bulk. You could check out Amazon if you don’t even want to leave your home. The point is that there are plenty of one-stop-shop types of businesses for a variety of our wants/needs, but none for our actual needs. Our physical needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, as well as products and services to support those needs.

The mission is to create a place that does just that. Mixing and matching all industries to create a way we all get what we need!

I’m being met with some discouraging words. Mostly those not understanding how this is ever going to happen much less become a business. Most don’t understand I’m not worried about the how, although it is important, I know I am willing and able especially with God on my side. That all I need!

And if you still aren’t clear of the mission…well maybe you can join me in continuing to figure this one out? Email me at nicdloves@gmail.com with any suggestions