I’m kinda a big deal???

I have been told recently that I should blog and post videos and have an overall larger social media presence. Why? I’m sure you wonder. Well from what I hear I’m kind of a big deal. Not me myself, because I am nothing without Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. You see I live for Him. I feel whatever people are seeing inside of me is God shining through me! Just as I’ve prayed so many times, asking Him to use me as a shining light. And guess what? He does! The gift I believe God has given me is to love and encourage people. Some may argue that is not a gift but how many of us do this simple act of kindness? I’m here for humanity. To help, love, encourage, inspire, and hopefully lead us into brighter days. So here goes nothing…or here goes something big…I pray whatever this is, that it ultimately glorifies God and helps continue on my mission...loving you all to life!

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