I am a carnivore and a cattle rancher and I do produce for the natural beef market, by the way.
Mark Frasier

I’m a vegetarian and I agree that the terms we use when we talk about food often aren’t a good match with reality. This “clean meat” is certainly “industrial”, and beef produced from pastured cows has some claim to be called “natural”.

As for “modern husbandry practices” being “industrialized agriculture”, doesn’t that depend on what you mean by that term? If you’re talking about birds and animals or near-identical genetics kept indoors in conditions that require constant dosing with antibiotics, then that’s pretty categorically industrial, not to mention, you know, horrific.

Maybe your point is that not all meat is produced in that way, and we should acknowledge producers who work to a higher standard? I’m completely with you on that, but the sad fact is that at least with pork and poultry, virtually 100% of it is.

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