Life is an Art, not a Science. Start to see it that way

The only time I truly truly truly enjoyed the process was when I was painting. When I create art.

I started painting in Grade 10 when I took two art classes at the same time. And I fell in love almost the first 3 months after I picked up a paintbrush. And I was good too, I had potential. I saw the world in front of me differently, it was magical and I wanted to manipulate and sculpt it.

My purpose is to bring art to the world, and the greatest way to do that is to create the world into a work of art. Manipulate and create something amazing of my own rendition and creation. To create businesses, to network the right people, to grow myself in an effort to better the planet. Make the planet, make a country, make a city into an amazing work of art and my purpose has been served.

I am not going to share my goals because the act of sharing and the act of doing are registered the same in the mind, so nobody should know my goals. Even if you saw my old goals, these goals are completely new and different. They are the beginning of something new and exciting.

The lesson: there is something out there that you enjoy the process of doing. Like how I enjoy the process of painting abstract. I enjoy the process of mixing the paints, of putting it all on an easel, open the paints, priming my brushes, hanging up the cloth on the wall, figuring out logistics as to how to paint what, where I can use as studio space, and constantly adding and editing all my paintings; it is truly a process to behold. Find something like that for you and apply it to your current situation to progress and thrive in the world.

Take what you have, and make the most of it. Turn it into something you enjoy the process of. For me, that is taking art and painting, and turning it into the creation of a whole new world. Turn it all into a beautiful work of art.

I can’t wait to die in this pursuit.

Act to Thrive gentlemen,

Jackson King.

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