I would say that you have some serious mischaracteristics applied to both Liberals and…
Craig Gorsuch

If we read my characterizations, I said nothing about inequality. But, sure, ok, i’ll bite.

Let’s suppose conservatives try to enforce laws equally.

Then the laws they try to enforce are their own beliefs without consideration for the diversity of views and opinions.

  • Pro-life is rooted in a religious belief for when life begins which many others do not believe.
  • Same-sex marriage does not, in any way, impact a heterosexual but because conservatives deny the equality of homosexuals, they refuse to allow same-sex marriages.

Is that the sort or equality you mean?

Kinda like the equality of religious beliefs? Like the fear about a the war on Christmas (regarding public/government organizations) when our government is, by law, not allowed to respect any religion, which, recognizing Christmas is quite clearly respecting Christianity?

You mean that sort of equality?

You mean the type of equality like stop and frisk laws?

You mean equality like proposing a muslim registry?

Yea, I can see what you mean that conservatives want to apply laws equally. If, by equally, you mean so that they don’t change anything about the systemically destructive and fearful, white, “heterosexual”, male power structure. Yep, then i totally agree.

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