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Recognize it? The subject line…? It’s from Jerry Maguire. You’re entitled to laugh, of course, but as an adolescent growing up in Staten Island in the mid-1990s, that film had a profound effect on me. In a sense, it sparked a two-decades-long unlikely chain of events that resulted in my entering the fashion industry. But that is for another day; for now, I hope it gives you enough reason to read further.

Welcome to HADOUKEN, hot takes by a fashion curmudgeon. In the coming weeks, I intend to explore specific links on the aforementioned chain of events while sharing my thoughts on the fashion industry in general. From bricks to clicks, the runway to the streets, this newsletter will serve as a cathartic way to memorialize my observations. Hopefully it becomes your guilty pleasure and, at times, a reflection of the things you think and do not say. (Or it can become further proof that you really do not even like me, as I am sure is the case for over 53% of you since the moment we first became acquainted.)

Why, just now, did I decide to begin writing a newsletter? Aside from there being a revival of sorts with respect to old media (see also, “Zines,” a.k.a. “Magazines for Rich Kids and the Cognoscenti” and “Podcasts,” a.k.a. “A.M. Radio On-Demand”), I just needed an outlet, and I like the intimate, exclusive, “insiders-only” format that a newsletter represents. On top of that, let’s be honest, men’s fashion *flips hair* is just, like, crazy wild right now, and aside fromVestoj (highly recommend you pick up a copy) there are very few people/publications out there willing to give an honest opinion on the current goings-on and state of the industry. Herd mentality is at an all-time high.

As per the name, “HADOUKEN,” let’s just say that if you had to Google it perhaps this newsletter is not meant for you. But I don’t discriminate — it’s never too late to acquire culture, even if it is rooted in a popular ’90s video game. I’m blue collar, what can I say?

Thank you for subscribing. You can expect to receive your first inbox assault in a few days’ time. This was just a warning shot, a flare sent into the night. The real commentary and catharsis are just around the corner. Stay tuned.

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