The Problem With Opinions

When something is free, every idiot can have one.*

I thoroughly enjoy listening to and talking with people who have gathered enough experience to have earned an opinion.

That’s the price of their opinion - the experiences they’ve had.

Unfortunately experience is not a prerequisite to having or distributing an opinion.

Even more frustrating in our current climate of freely available information is everywhere. Everyone with access to the Internet believes that a Google search makes you an expert, or that reading a Wikipedia page informs you sufficiently to distribute advice or your opinion on a topic.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all of that utopian thinking that makes a democracy free and fair. That does not, however, mean that every idiot with an opinion should loudly and freely distribute it and then violently defend it in the face of a challenge because of what they happened to read on a page one Google search result.

Opinions are free and that’s what makes them dangerous.

Be cautious about who’s opinions and advice you listen to and who’s you actually choose to act upon.

Thanks to the age of information that we live in, you are also entitled to your own Google search, which will give you the same results that you can then choose to read and inform yourself with. But don’t be too quick to form an opinion.

Remember that one of the most valuable currencies when forming an opinion are the experiences you’ve had which inform that opinion.

*The opinion of this author is included in the above statements.

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