Where is humanity heading!

If you see around you, everything we all do is what we don’t want to do but are doing. Even if that task is to be good we always pick the bad side of it and it’s amplified.

Like I know air pollution is bad, still we use vehicles, we make lot of noise. I sometimes wonder, what if technology was not existing, there were lot of negatives of not having it but I think the positives are much more.

Imagine I had no technologies, I would be staying in a very small country side, would have gone through my life without doing anything what I have done till now, but a ordinary life of existence. But life would have been

Peaceful is a very important word. I would have got opportunity to explore how to be more peaceful. Right now the entire research down is to reduce the time to do something and do lot more things in a life time. But then this has no end and no end means no peace. Can I think of doing something which will get me peace.

I remember started with aim of earning lots of money post my graduation. But then there was no end and the happiness was relative and temporary.

And real aim of life I don’t think is having a Mercedes or having a big house, as at the end of life I don’t think they matter. There is something missing!

That is the search of life right now!