Jubilee is An Awkward Black Girl

Nichelle Stephens
Jan 20, 2016 · 2 min read

Are you watching ‘The Bachelor’?! I typically don’t, but because I loved the scripted Lifetime show ‘UnReal’, this season of ‘The Bachelor’ seemed like a passable substitute. When I heard that there was a Black girl on the show named Jubilee, my first thought was that there was stereotypical casting going on. However, I decided to watch and I was pleasantly surprised. Moreover, I heard Bill Simmons talking on a podcast and after the first episode, he was rooting for her. #TeamJubilee

On last night’s episode, Jubilee went on a one-on-one date with Ben (tall, dark-haired and mediocre).

During the date, Jubilee kept it 100…100% percent awkward. Jubilee made self-deprecating jokes and talked about losing her family in Haiti. Being awkward on a first date is real. A Black woman being vulnerable and awkward is something that is rarely presented in media and entertainment. Four years ago, there was another show, Issa Rae’s web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. It chronicled a young woman navigating awkwardness at work and in relationships. Since the web series, Issa Rae has also written a book and will debut a podcast next month.

I love seeing Jubilee’s humanity and it appears to be really attractive to Ben. However, it was stressful watching the episode.The other women were so jealous. They didn’t think she was grateful enough. They didn’t see her `fitting in with the other “soccer moms”. They didn’t just throw shade. They shot arrows of racial microaggressions. It reminded me of that Esquire cover of Muhammad Ali as St. Sebastian. Their quivers runneth over. I personally felt every microaggression that the “ladytestants” were saying on camera. I wanted to reach through my laptop and give Jubilee a hug. I am not sure if I can keep watching. I think I will just listen to podcasts and read recaps of the show. Watching white women tear down a black woman over a mediocre white man makes me feel hella awkward.

Nichelle Stephens

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Bookkeeper, Social Media Strategist and Writer. Writes about #popculture #politics and life.

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