Word Of The Day: Manesia

Friends typically create a shorthand language either by body language or by words or even sounds that express so much with so little. At some point, I was going to catalog my squad’s dictionary, but I quit after this one word- Manesia. Manesia is a funny portmanteau combining man and amnesia.

Manesia (noun) — forgetting who a man is even if you have been introduced before to him several times. This happens mainly because men tend to dress similarly in a uniform of untucked striped shirts, jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Also, there is not a lot of diversity of facial hair or haircut style, so it may be difficult to differentiate one guy from others. Women primarily get manesia, but this condition can affect both men and women. A good way to combat manesia is for more men to obtain a personality, be charming and gracious. European accents help as well.

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