Reasons Why Browser Load Time Matters and What You Can Do About It

How fast your website or blog loads is usually not a problem for small sites, but for some sites page load time is a serious issue. The net has changed quite a lot since broadband and hi-speed internet technology has become so readily available. The internet has forced companies to respond to the wishes and demands of consumers. Nothing is more reprehensible than losing potential repeat visitors or customers all because your site loads like a dinosaur. The following article looks into a few points that will help you improve the load time of your website’s pages.

Let’s talk about something related to your hosting, and this is a perennial issue with inexperienced marketers. Lots of people choose a cheap host because they want to save money, and that act will usually end-up costing them more plus hassle later on. You do not want your site to load slow, you know that, but those hosts that are not the best will not be offering you much in the way of useful bandwidth. There are some excellent hosting companies to choose from, and the starter packages are very affordable — so go with one of them.

Another approach that is fairly old is getting away from hard coding repeated information on each page of your site. CSS allows you to have a single file on your host, and then if a page needs the info it just calls for it. This approach using CSS is extremely helpful for very large sites so each page does not have to be changed. As soon as the data is cached by your visitor, it can then be loaded elsewhere too, more quickly. One other point is the proliferation of template sites that are coded in CSS and HTML — there, problem solved. The primary beneficiaries of CSS are those with very huge sites, and this can save them lots of time when making certain kinds of edits.

You want to increase speed, or reduce load time, and so explore what you can do with compression of your site content. You can compress and optimize your content using HTTP compression so that you’re not sending the data in different files, but rather ensure that it is sent in one single file.

For most people, this problem of slow loading times is not there, and it just depends on what you have such as intensive graphics, etc. Once you get this factor right, you’ll see for yourself how your visitors respond back more positively.