Yes, Python is Slow, and I Don’t Care
Nick Humrich

Interesting. I think you’re mostly right if you’re comparing python to most languages, so I’m not refuting your point exactly. I think another strong argument for python is it’s popularity. I used to love python more than any language, and since I have joined one of those big companies you talk about, I have changed my mind:

  1. Everyone doesn’t use micro services and they’re not accepted to be the best solution. Google, Facebook and more use mono repos
  2. Python is great until you start distributing your systems. Then python becomes an absolute nightmare honestly.
  3. The biggest issue with python in large repos is the memory footprint and not the slowness. CPU is rarely a bottleneck
  4. I think you should try erlang and elixir. I know you haven’t because I think you would have a different opinion if you had. This may sound a little confident but elixirs language elegance and simplicity, combined with the absolute super power of reasoning in a functional language that implements the actor model well is just something else.
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