I’ve been in the start-up game for the past nine years and have loved every minute of it. I’ve had some great successes but also stumbled on dozens of occasions. I’m going to write about one of those stumbles.

Scroll to the bottom if you want the TL;DR.

The Idea

In 2010 I was pitched a start-up idea from a colleague. The idea was simple, make it super easy for people to find and purchase items from their favorite television shows. …

While on vacation I decided to spend some time learning about AngularJS. I built several small applications (on the beach but that’s another story) with relative ease. Some of the areas I found extremely interesting were:

  • Dual data binding. Remove the work involved with continually monitoring and manipulating the DOM.
  • Directives. AngularJS allows you to extend HTML by adding what it calls directives. These directives can do things like data repeats and click events that all live within AngularJS environment. You can also create your own custom directives.
  • Dependency injection. AngularJS handles injecting dependencies that you have requested. Some of…

I’ve decided to sprinkle in my blog ‘How it works’ posts. These posts will break down high level concepts and explain how they work. I was recently asked about stacking context so figured I would start with this topic.

Let me first start by explaining stacking context in simple terms. Lets say you have a 10 story building. The building as a whole would be considered the stacking context and the floors within the building would be considered the stacking levels. You can alter the stacking level by using the ‘z-index’ property. …

I was recently asked about challenges that I've experienced working with responsive layouts. I figured this would be a great article to kick-off my blog so here it goes.

Responsive design is not a new idea and has been in our web development toolkit for some time now. The idea is simple, one page that fits to all defined screen sizes. However, for being such a simple idea there are a ton of challenges that a developer will experience. I am going to cover just a few of them along with some ways to avoid them.

Converting fixed sites into responsive layouts

Not every project starts…

I have decided to spend more time writing articles about various technology, coding techniques, start-up experiences, and anything else that peaks my interest. Stay tuned.

Nick Palacios

Passionate UI/UX Developer, Design Enthusiast, Avid Traveler, and Web Entrepreneur

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