After the first day of fourth grade, I came home, threw my backpack on the floor and started playing GameCube. My mom entered the room and stood in front of the screen and said, “Guess what? I got us tickets to the Braves game tonight!” I moved my head to the side so I could see the T.V, and just continued playing my game. I honestly did not want to go to the game at all; I just wanted to stay at home and play my new video games. Besides, I didn’t even like baseball. I had never been to a Braves’ before, and baseball games looked boring so I had no interest in going. I sighed and asked, “Do we have to go to the game tonight?” My mom seemed surprised that I didn’t want to go. She knew I loved sports, so she assumed that this would be something I wanted to do. She hesitated but then she said, “Come on it will be fun. We are leaving in 30 minutes.”

The stadium I grew to love as I attended over 200 games here

I couldn’t believe how big the stadium was. My mom had received the tickets from a coworker who had season tickets right behind the dugout. We got to sit just a few rows away from the players. During the game, I had no idea what was going, so I entertained myself with hot dogs, Dippin’ Dots, and cotton candy. I was also fascinated by the famous tomahawk chop. Although I wasn’t paying attention, the game went by rather fast. I was enjoying all the food and activities the stadium had to off, but then after the 8th inning everything changed. A player running into the dugout from the outfield tossed me a game used ball. I had never felt such a rush of excitement in my entire life. At that moment, I felt like I was the king of the stadium.

Some foul ball I have caught over the years (The one in the case on the far left was my very first one)

The Braves ended up winning that game, and I wanted to go back soon so I could try to get more foul balls. During the next season, we went to a several more games and I did indeed obtain more game used baseballs. As we went to more games, I began to actually learn what was happening on the field. I soon started to get to know the players and develop an attachment for the team. A passion for the team arose inside me as I found myself watching the games almost every night on T.V. The next season, my family and I went to about twenty games, and started to consider Turner Field as a second home. The following season, we got season tickets, as the Braves were becoming a huge part of our lives. The Braves and sports in general have been a huge part of my life. My family and I have developed a strong passion for sports over the years, which have helped me become who I am today. Sports have helped me develop friendships and relationships with people that I would of never had otherwise. It’s strange to think that my love for the Braves all started free tickets and a foul ball.

My parents and I at the final game at Turner Field
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