My Obsession

For the last week and a half or so I have been, for lack of a better word, obsessed with the new expansion for the game Destiny. Those of you who have played the game before know exactly what I'm taking about. Before the expansion came out I unfortunately felt that I had to trade in my PS4 for the Xbox 1. Strictly because in order for me to further progress in the game I needed help and for some odd reason all of my friends prefer to play on the inferior gaming system. Anyway because I switched over I had to start a new character.

When you begin the game you have the option of picking between 1 of 3 classes, the Titan, the Hunter, and the Warlock then you customize how your character looks by choosing your race, hair color, and other random stuff. Once in the game you fight through hordes of enemies to gain experience to level up yourself, and your gear. The highest level currently possible is 40 and after you attain this level you continue to get stronger by increasing your light level which is done by obtaining better gear, I'm not sure what the highest light level possible is, but level 300+ gear is damn hard to find.

Gear can be acquired 1 of 3 ways, you can find it by doing regular missions, strikes, and raids, you can buy it from vendors, or it can be given to you as a quest reward. In order to attain good gear you must complete the harder missions such as strike missions, which require a light level of about 240–260. Where in you and 2 other players fight through enemies to ultimately kill one large boss at the end, usually takes about 15–30 min. How ever if you want the best gear it requires you and 5 other friends attempt a raid which can take anywhere from 2–6 hours, and requires a light level of 290+. raids are a whole different kind of hell, they have different kinds of puzzles that if you don't do just right everyone dies, 3 major bosses that all have some kind of unique trick to beating, and at the end you still might not receive that one piece of gear or weapon that you really wanted.

for those of you wondering I got to level 40 after 2 days of non stop playing and have recently achieved a max light level of 295.