Stop Making Users Explore
Laura Klein

Very well written. I wish more b2b companies would understand the importance of UX. The most truthful line in the article for me was,

“The introduction of a new, complicated product does not instill in them the desire to spend a lot of their day exploring it. It tends to make them sigh resignedly and figure out if there is some way to avoid learning the new system until it goes away and is replaced by something else.”

A lot of people don’t understand the necessity of UX when designing products. The majority of the time, the product isn’t important — it’s the UX that’s important.

Look at Apple, there’s already Microsoft, they just make it pretty and simple.

Look at Facebook, there was already Myspace, but they complicated things & Facebook simplified.

Look at almost any new business on All of these are recycled ideas, with clean websites & simplified UX allowing users to move in a seamless fashion from want to bought.

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