Reading 100+ Books a Year to “Upgrade” Yourself is a Complete Waste of Time
Zat Rana

I have read more than 100 books a year, every year since I was about 5. I’ve never done it to upgrade myself, I don’t do it to gain knowledge or to expand my circle of empathy (I am with the leading academic, Paul Bloom, who published “Against Empathy” — the world could use less empathy and more sense and pragmatism much of the time). I do it because I love to read.

I read broadly, widely and in every area of human endeavor. I read people deliberately because their views contradict my own (far more important than building on things you believe in is being challenged by those who don’t agree with what you believe in and being open to being wrong about your beliefs— far too many “readers” have no capacity for critical thought whatsoever and much of what people read in the business and self-improvement sphere is, let’s be fair about this, absolutely untrue).

I understand where you were coming from with this piece. But I don’t think that you’re wholly right. People should think more about what they read but there are many more than two motivations for reading and there are many better uses of people’s time rather than reinforcing what they already believe is true.

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