How ProBlogger Almost Got My Information Stolen
Lucy Turner

Oh life. This is one of the oldest scams targeting freelancers. The trouble is that you cannot cut Skype out of your life without sacrificing the biggest opportunities out there. I’ve closed clients who have spent in excess of $100,000 each over Skype…

The big giveaway is when they ask you about your experience… didn’t they read the stuff you sent them? Capitalizing “Business” in that sentence is also a warning sign, clients that can’t use the language properly never pay well or fairly for writing talent. Why would they? They can’t read it. They might need better English skills on their team but if you can’t read/write — you can’t assess those skills.

I know Julia IRL and will send her a copy of this link. I think she’ll be quite aggrieved that people are trading on her image.

Good luck but don’t reject Skype — do use your head to qualify “opportunities” before you get on Skype with a “client”.

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