Nicholas in one year I’m going to write a medium post (and tag you in it) from a beach in Bali…
Tom Kuegler

Wow! Really, Bali? What an exotic destination. The only place in Asia. other than Chiang Mai in Thailand. to be famous for being full of folks who “chose themselves” to be broke on the other side of the world. Good luck with that.

Oh and no-one works from the beach… computers don’t deal with sand and salt water very well… so, they take their laptop to the beach. Then they take the obligatory photo of it and then go sit in a co-working space or a cafe, writing about how “amazing” it is to be working from a beach that they can’t even see…

And if you think it’s hard to get paid in your own neck of the woods, wait until you’ve made it out to South East Asia and people are offering you a monthly salary of $300 to help them out…

Note: I’ve been freelancing for more than 10 years from South East Asia, so I’ve had the misfortune to observe an awful lot of folks “choosing themselves” over the years. None of them look very happy after a few months and the reality of life sets in.

Want to “live like a king” in Bali? It will cost roughly what it costs to “live like a king” at home… the videos about sub $1,000 royalty are an exaggeration at best.

It’s always better to learn to run a business at home and actually, you know, make money before moving to the opposite side of the world to do so.

You’ll be seeing a lot of research published that confirms that over the next year or two too.

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