Fast and Easy Organic Chicken With Vegetables Grenaille Potatoes and Pinenuts

Don’t like spending hours in the kitchen, but still want a healthy and delicious meal? This dish is the answer to your longings. You will only use a single pan and a pot for to cook all your ingredients to perfection in as little time as 30 minutes. Not only will this be quick, easy and delicious, but also a healthy meal. In my time as a chef in Paris, this was a staple on my personal menu.

Macros (for the health conscious):

Protein 53g

Carbs 73g

Fat 28g (use less olive oil, to reduce fat content)

Approx. 995 Kcal


1 Organic chickenbreast ca. 150g with skin

300g Grenailles potatoes (or any small typ of potatoe)

1 Shallot

200g Baby Spinach (fresh)

150g Snack Pepper

100g Champignons

15g Pinenuts

20g Olives

5 branches Basil




Bon appetit!



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