Kiah Hawker, Nicholas Carah and Daniel Angus

In this post we will walk you through how to use Instamancer to do a basic scrape of Instagram posts and their metadata.

If you haven’t installed Instamancer check out this post here.

Once Instamancer has been installed you will begin by opening ‘Command Prompt’ in administrator mode. For Windows users this will look like this:

Begin by typing ‘cd\’ and hitting enter and you’ll see this:

Kelly Lewis, Nicholas Carah and Daniel Angus

Instamancer is a data scraping tool created by The University of Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology’s Digital Media Research Centre.

The tool was authored by Adam Smith, in a pilot project led by Daniel Angus and Nicholas Carah.

Instamancer supports Instagram research by collecting public Instagram posts and associated metadata by using public hashtags or accounts as queries.

The outputs are formatted as JSON or CSV files, with images, and videos downloaded in jpg and mp4 formats. The library can allow for batch scraping over several different queries. …

An Instagram image of Cool Shit’s Snoop Dogg Hot Doggs at Splendour in the Grass with supervised image classification.

Social media platforms like Instagram are at the centre of the largest commercialisation of public life and intimate experience in history. They dramatically expand the access marketfers have to our cultural practices and experiences.

We have been exploring the interplay between our creative use of Instagram to turn our life into flows of images and the translation of those images into data.

Platforms use our images to train ‘machine vision’ systems that classify faces, expressions, patterns, objects, and brand logos. These classifications are used to train automated recommendation systems that tailor content and advertising.

From 2020 we are working on…

Nicholas Carah

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