Eminem G.O.A.T.? Maybe to Other White People
Kindra F.

Eminem has incredible accolades. It’s one thing to enjoy music, but another to have the talent and awards he does. Call him the goat ?? That’s a stretch, arguable, but he can’t be the goat. If he didn’t hit his drug problem after encore and continued at that pace, then maybe, but his last three albums don’t have the fire he once had. So that leaves him with three (diamond? Triple? Not sure) platinum albums. Plus he is over 40. He remains an incredible freestyle artist, admired by people of all races and genders, and that takes talent. He did admit himself “if he was black he would have sold half” but part of him being a Caucasian made his tone unique and content difference while absolutely limiting his lyings from a certain word other rappers use frequently. I will accept your argument that he isn’t the goat, but he is of superb talent and easily one of the best of his era during his peak.