Characteristics and cause

Yesterday, I listened to Clayton Christensen sharing a theory on consumer marketing. In most markets, there is still a tendency to segment the market by demographics. This means assuming groups of people who would buy your product.

Take this profile of a 45 year-old man for example. 
- Married with 3 kids
- Asian American heritage
- Lives in an affluent neighborhood in the city-center

A business newspaper, say New York Times would consider this man to be a potential subscriber. He may not.

His characteristics may not cause him to subscribe to NYT though he may have some propensity to do so.

In the same vein, Pokemon-Go may not target this man in its advertising. But I have seen a 40-plus-year-old man frantically swiping at his iPhone, throwing pokeballs trying to catch a Lapras. Whatever his motivation, you can be sure this is a man with spending power to buy coins in-app.

The point is, marketeers should re-think demographic targeting and consider other aspects such as behavioral targeting.