Time to re-Think Social Media Engagement.

  1. Many social media engagement strategies were born during the Facebook boom in users growth.
  2. That was when Facebook was still figuring out how to monetize mobile.
  3. Engagement strategies were around figuring out the “algorithm”. The logic was if you get more users to engage with your posts, the higher your organic reach will be. Obviously it sounded like a good deal to reach many people at low cost / free.
  4. Facebook in the past 18 months made announcements that will put all engagement strategies to null.
  5. Brands now have to pay for Reach. Organic postings will be given low priority in the ever cluttered NewsFeed. This means a brand’s post will no longer reach x% of people, unless it is paid.
  6. Many engagement strategies revolve around posting entertaining and “in” content (e.g Memes), to get Likes, Comments and Shares.
  7. It seems to me the changes affecting brands on Facebook is not clearly understood businesses and agencies, yet.
  8. It is time to re-think Engagement.
  9. I would challenge if it is still relevant for brands (for conversation sake, e.g a Telco) to churn out “entertaining” content not related to their business.
  10. I hope to see brands taking a different approach to Content & Engagement in the coming months.