Note for 2018: Don’t Let Your job Become a Dementor in Your Life

Early in this month, I unintentionally found Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone in library, and this awoke the wizard-mania deep in my mind. I begun my Harry Potter marathon again, watching the whole series of the movies and reading novels in one week, reminiscing those fantastic spells and creatures gliding across sky. I even browsed lots of comments and interview videos of J.K. Rowling, and I saw one of remark made by J.K Rowling in an interview, it said:

“ George would never be able to conjure a Patronus Charm, since all happy memories he had always involved Fred.”

I don’t know why, but this somehow stung me.

For me, the power of dementor is a metaphor for hopelessness. In novel, it would make people feel they won’t not cheer again when dementor around them. It also can suck people’s soul out. The Patronus Charm is the only way to defeat dementor, and people should think of their happy memories when evoking their Patronus.

Sucking soul out? sounds inexplicable, but that’s exactly what our jobs have done to us. I believed that our job would bring us sense of achievement, which will support us to work harder and overcome challenges. However, it totally went in the other way. Our job became an abominable dementor, torturing us a little by little, and one day we are not who we are meant to be anymore.

I think that’s why what happened in George’s following life struck me so hard. He is one of my favorite character in Harry Potter, always bringing joy and fun to people around. He was always cheerful, like all of us before graduated. His twin brother, Fred, who was ever his greatest joy, become the greatest sorrow in his life. How sad it is. I can help thinking that what I search for in my job would become the same done to George.

It also occurred to me if I would need to conjure a Patronus Charm, what will be in my mind? and I think it will be my task in 2018. One year and half after graduated, I realized what really challenges Harry after growing up is not the next dark wizards, but life itself, which could be 100 times harder to defeat than Voldemort. Life is a struggle, and it will still be in 2018, but I hope I can find something I am truly passionate about and I will cherish it and turn it into the most powerful Patronus Charm.

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