You are the most important thing in your life right now

Whatever your political persuasion, however you voted (or didn’t vote), for whomever you cheered or jeered, there is one truth that must be faced — a truth obscured, I think, in the fevers of our own tribal instincts — and that is this: a person’s salvation is of their own making.

It will never come from Washington. It will never come from a tribe, a church, friends, or family — because these are consequential echos of our own personal choices and investments.

Be better, live purposely, connect deeper, and leave history a little bit richer than you found it. Cultivate virtue in body, mind, and spirit. Be the platform for your values. It is within your power.

“Choice implies self-respect in the deepest sense: honoring what I hold to be important, having strength of will and the courage of my convictions, giving my attention to what interests me, devoting my life energy to that which matters most, trusting in my evaluations, spending my precious time on tasks that are consistent with my values, doing what brings me happiness, concentrating on ways to create significant value in the world, focusing on what is under my control and ignoring what is not under my control, seeking to master myself but not anyone else, and never letting go of my vision of what is possible to me.” — Peter Saint-Andre, The Tao of Roark

“If you make a fool of yourself, the world will move on. And so will you. But if you succeed… well, the world will stop for a moment and take notice. And neither you nor them will ever forget that.” — Hugh Howey, Do you not believe in yourself?

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