Down By law (Jim Jarmusch)

Down by Law is a 1986 black-and-white independent film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. A key element in the film is Robby Müller’s slow-moving camerawork, which captures the architecture of New Orleans and the Louisiana bayou.

Down by Law — Jim Jarmusch

City Of Sydney (Down by Law Technique)

Nicholas Davis — City of Sydney

The technique that I use to apply has the same theme with “Down by Law” by implementing monochrome with a vintage concept that showing the atmosphere of that period. It is also using the technique where the picture shot from the moving car that can create a dynamic impression. The framing that Jim Jarmusch use is basically through frontal perspective, also landscape rather than the side view.

From the movement of the car, I’m trying to capture the architecture and unique structure of buildings from a different angle. This perspective points out more on the facade of the buildings. From this building facade that I take, it has the same structure with Down by Law period that can impress the same feeling with that period.

The film that I take, are trying to tell that City of Sydney offers you various options. I took this film by car, bus, and train. Even though I switch to different type of transportation, on day and night this city are always full of activities that never seems to cease. Because of this, there is only one word that describes best for Sydney which is ‘Lively City’.


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