OMA Jussieu — Two Libraries (Wood Model)

Rem Koolhaas is the founding partner of OMA (Office of metropolitan architecture). He was born in Rotterdam in 17 November 1944. He was graduated from Architectural Association in London.

OMA Jussieu — Two libraries

In the award winning scheme for two libraries at Jussieu, a technical university in Paris, OMA radically reconfigures the typical library layout. Rather than stacking one level on top of another, floor planes are manipulated to connect; thus forming a single trajectory — much like an interior boulevard that winds its way through the entire building.

The technique that OMA use are based on intersection of harizontal and vertical loops that manipulated to connect with each floor by stacking a wood with above and below levels. OMA also trying to present a building by showing the interior inside and outside the library (Open spaces). The reason OMA use this technique will allow us to use the building effectively. The material that he use for his model is mostly by wood. I used this technique because OMA has influenced me using this infrastructure can creates many different purposes and efficient.

In my model i decided to make the model of The Star Sydney. Using OMA technique, i am trying to encourage the people to walk and explore the area by connecting each floor.

Figure 1–1st process

The medium that I used to apply his technique into my model is white foam, cutting mat, glue and stick. First of all, I make the structure of the building by using wide foam (fig 1).

Figure 2–2nd process

Then, on (Fig 2) i added some column of the building to added some sort of balance for every each floor.

Figure 3–3rd process

On the 3rd process (Fig 3) finally, i finalize the structure by added more columns and add more wood to make the building stand and more stronger.

Final Model — The Star Sydney (By Davis)

Figure 4 — Final Process

For my final draft, I used a wooden stick as a column and use white foam to create the slabs. In this part, it shows how the slab connected to each floor that will encourage people to explore around the building (Fig 4). Lastly, i put some interior to added some detail of the building.


OMA – Jussieu Libraries Wood Model (1992)

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