Hey, guys! I thought I’d talk about what I eat for a little bit. For starters, you should know that my diet is neither 100% raw, 100% vegan, nor 100% perfect. I’m constantly fine tuning what I eat, listening to how my body responds and making plenty of mistakes along the way. But, I’ve come a long way since my days of eating bagels for breakfast, burritos for lunch and mac & cheese for dinner.

About a year ago and a half ago, I eliminated most animal products from my diet. I can’t say I’m 100% vegan, because I will occasionally indulge in a little goat cheese or eggs from my mom’s chickens. This is a rare occasion, and for someone who couldn’t have a salad without adding chicken to it, this is a HUGE change! I feel so much better as a result, and I don’t miss steak or that orange cheese goop one bit.

I’ve also cutout most processed foods. This has made an even bigger difference! It’s rare that I eat something from the store that contains more than 5 ingredients. Keeping it simple is really the trick. Our body craves simplicity. Plus, when you eat fresh, tasty foods, you don’t miss all that extra salt, oil and gunky stuff.
 So what do I eat? I would say that my diet is mostly low-fat vegan, with some easily digestible cooked food added in. I also enjoy organic coffee and a little organic wine in moderation.

Breakfast consists of ripe, organic fruit and a green juice. I like apples, pears and bananas because they are easy to grab when heading to work. 2–3 pieces is usually plenty, unless I’m particularly hungry. If so, I’ll eat an extra banana or two.

Lunch is when I try to work in a nice green salad. I’ll either pack my own greens in a baggie, or I’ll hit up the Whole Foods salad bar by my work. I’ll add a little potato or avocado if I need something heftier.

Dinner is usually my largest meal. I’ll cook up some organic sprouted quinoa, brown rice, bake a sweet potato or make a large bowl of zucchini pasta. This is usually the time I crave something warm and satisfying, but I’ll make sure I get some raw veggies in, whether it’s chopped up cucumber or a spinach salad.

All this means I spend a lot of time planning my meals, shopping at health food stores and preparing my food in the kitchen. It’s worth it to me because I feel awful if I eat out too much or eat something that was prepared sloppily and with sub-pare ingredients. 
 I feel really good eating this way. When I stray, I tend to feel sluggish. Like the other day, I ate way too many nuts that were in this raw food cereal. I woke up the next morning with a heavy stomach and headache. Eating light and simply is what works best for me on a consistent basis.

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