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Donald J Trump — Grifter and Chief

Donald loves his golf; I mean he really loves his golf, and he loves it even more when he makes money on the taxpayer’s tab every time he hits the links. This is especially true of his beloved Mar-a-lago resort in Florida which he makes a point of visiting with tremendous regularity.

The estimated cost of one of El Supremo’s weekend golf vacations — of which he said he would have no time to take on the campaign trail because he would be so busy working — is $3,000,000. Five such visits — as of March 15th = $15,000,000 in first 53 days. If we extrapolate over a year, that equates to (6.88 *5) = 34.43 visits per year = $103,300,000. Now because large numbers are difficult to conceptualize I will put this into context for you. I will express this in terms of Porsche Carrera sport cars ($84,300), average homes ($200,000) and luxury homes ($3,000,000) and super-duper luxury estates ($15,000,000).

Each Mar-a-lago trip = .20 super luxury estates, or 1 luxury home, or 15 average homes, or 35.6 Porsches.

To date his 5 trips = 1 super luxury estate, 5 luxury homes, or 75 average homes, or 178 Porches.

Over a year (34.43 visits) = 6.89 super luxury estates, or 34.43 luxury homes or 516.5 average homes, or 1,225.4 Porsches.

One presidential term (137.72 visits) = 27.56 super luxury estates, 137.72 luxury homes, or 3,266 average homes, or 4,901.6 Porches.

Wow, Donald really scores doesn’t he, and we have not even counted all the free publicity for his resorts. (Note: The initiation fee at Mar-a-lago has doubled recently from $100,000 to $200,000.)

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