Clinton Feminists Are Not Feminists
Caitlin Johnstone

I wonder can there be a more complete view of the feminine than the global ecology — Mother Earth?

Can there be a more complete view of maladaptive masculine propensities than dominating Mother Earth in a shortsighted anthropocentric way that creates a small number of first class travellers who party on as our species scrapes the iceberg that will sink us?

An archetypical feminism that is grounded in a balanced place of our species in the complex web of life on our — to this point — vital and robust oasis in space is required or we will extinguish ourselves.

Sanders gets this. We have to change radically from being the exploitive virus that we have become with regard to the ecologies of this world. The proto-masculine model of dominance is in auto-destruct mode as surely as some crazed husband who comes home and blows away his family and himself. The difference is it is happening on a global scale, and it has to STOP — NOW!

Sustainability is inherently feminist. It puts priority on nurture and responsibility over exploitation to experience today’s pleasures with a kick it down the field attitude about the consequences for tomorrow. Being feminist and male, Sanders demonstrates that being male does not inhibit men from being progressive and responsible feminists.

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