How Much Money is Enough

Once the basics are taken care of, what money grants is a degree of freedom. A wealthy person has more options, provided they don’t get trapped on the money wheel — like a rat on with a juicy piece of cheese in front to it that it can never quite reach.

Now I get that nobody wants to be without the resources they need to do those things that they feel are important, but for most creative types those are actually not very expensive requirements. What does a writer need? This computer that I am using right now does the trick. What does a photographer need? Not that much either. So what it really comes down to is having enough and then not expanding want as income increases. The main problem for most people is that as soon as the pie they have gets bigger they eat more, and then they get sick on the dissatisfaction of seeing someone else with a bigger pie. Duh!

I suppose the question that needs asking is: What are my minimum real requirements? Add 10% on top of that and be satisfied that you have what you need. If everyone could adopt that attitude the amount of unnecessary consumption and waste would drop tremendously. To see where all our insatiable appetites lead we need to look at things like this …