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The ABC’s of voting for the Greater Good.

Choose A) or B).

What about C).

Choosing C) means you are choosing A), and A) is deadly, while B) will make you sick.

I don’t want to be dead or sick, so I want to choose C).

Choosing C) is the same as choosing A), so choose B), as being sick is better than being dead.

But if enough people chose C) we would be healthier and happier.

You still don’t get it, choosing C) is the same as choosing A). Don’t choose C).

I am going to choose C).

Then you are choosing A) and are voting for death. What are you, an immoral imbecile? Choose B).

But A) and B) are both bad, with A) worse, and C) is really good. I am going to choose C) and encourage everybody I know to pick C) because I want people to be healthier and happier, and if enough of us choose C) it will happen.

#DemExit #VoteJillNotHill

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