Why I’m Voting for Hillary
Austin Frank

It’s been eye-opening to find out how many Americans don’t take the presidency seriously.

I understand why people don’t like Hillary. I understand why people didn’t like Romney, McCain, Obama, Kerry, Bush, Gore, etc.

But all of them treated the world’s most important job with the respect it deserves. All had experience to prepare them for the presidency, and all understood basic truths about the world.

As P.J. O’Rourke put it, Hillary’s flaws are “within normal parameters.”

Trump not only can’t demonstrate a basic understanding of the world, he doesn’t care that he can’t. And neither do the people voting for him.

I know many Americans subscribe to the “outsider” myth. But I thought it was just something they say; a way of expressing frustration with politics. They wouldn’t hire a contractor, lawyer, or accountant with no experience who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Why would they discard that common sense when hiring a commander in chief?

If you asked me a year ago how many Americans would be okay with that — not to mention okay with the bigoted elements of Trump’s campaign — I would have said 25%. Maybe 30 or even 35.

I never would have guessed it’d be this high.