The DNC Did Not Destroy America: But Their Tactics Against the Left Certainly Don’t Help
Zee Scribe

“It’s funny how the people who are now claiming that this position is inconsequential went to such great lengths to make sure that Ellison did not win.”

I didn’t claim it was inconsequential, I pointed out that it’s an administrative position, not head of policy. And I didn’t do anything to influence the outcome.

Those who recruited and voted for Perez obviously think he’s a better fit for the job than Ellison. That’s a good reason to support someone, and I don’t see how some Ellison supporters imbuing this contest with meaning beyond what the facts warrant means Perez supporters should have backed someone who they thought wouldn’t be as good.

The reason I pointed out Perez’s progressiveness is not because I think that matters for the position of chair, but because many of the people complaining about the DNC say the progressiveness of the chair really matters to them. If that’s not what it’s about, then it’s a tautology: caring a lot about it because this was something they decided to care a lot about.

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