What Does Sexism Have to Do with Hillary Hate?
Nicholas Grossman

Thanks, Daryl, that’s nice of you to say.

The Vox and Slate articles I linked to at the top include some instances of people denouncing Clinton for her ambition. And sometimes the criticism is more specific, such as running for Senate in New York because it would be a jumping off point for a presidential run, or taking a position/voting in the Senate with an eye toward a future presidential campaign. But that’s what most politicians, especially most presidential candidates, do.

I’d put some of “I don’t trust her” and “she’s a liar” — along with denunciations about potential conflicts of interest regarding people that have paid her or her husband a lot of money — in with the “many reasons to criticize Hillary Clinton and vote against her.”

But criticism of prominent politicians is normal. The level of hatred directed towards Hillary is not, and I don’t know how to fully explain that without including sexism.