When Roman “Barbarians” Met the Asian Enlightenment
Ben Thomas

Ben, I must say that is a pleasure to have read this article and how structured the information to be palatable to the average reader who has the curiosity to plunge into a bit of history, and not just any kind but a sweeping view of the powerhouses that were contemporary with Rome. I did write a book called Under the Juggernaut of History and Religion (you can find it on Amazon) in which I chase the historical process to Neolithic and back, but focus mainly on the impact the Turkic people had on the Eurasian history, beginning with the invasions of the Xiongnu which triggered waves upon waves of invading tribes that stormed throughout the known civilizations and created havoc. I baptised the present day plunderers with the name ‘Turkrons’, Enron having been perhaps the best example.

Keep doing this, best wishes.

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